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IMAILE Innovative Methods for Award procedures ICT Learning Europe

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Project description

Today there exist many great ICT products, apps and services on the market in order to support e- learning in the European classroom. But few of them are developed in a customized way supporting the implementation of creative learning and innovative teaching with the true pedagogical needs of our schools (end users) in focus.

In IMAILE the city of Halmstad (Se) is coordinating a FP7 project where public procurers of ICT in Education from 4 countries use the PCP instrument (pre-commercial procurement) to stimulate user driven innovation in cooperation with European ICT industry, research and SME: s.

The common identified challenge among the IMAILE procurer group where we seek new technology and innovative solutions is the detected increased demand of personalized learning.

The expected solutions of the PCP process will support both teachers and students (primary /secondary education) within our identified challenge. European teachers will gain increased interaction with the students in a more individualized way despite an increased number of students in the classroom. And students will gain greater opportunities to reach the STEM goals all over Europe which in a long term will lead to reduction of “early drop outs”.

IMAILE offers a direct solution to both demand- as well as supply side within learning technologies. The solutions will be developed and evaluated according to the needs of the public procurers (demand side). While the suppliers gain a solution developed until phase 3) smaller test series with a great potential of commercialization. This action will in a long term perspective contribute to a broaden and innovative use of learning technologies in primary / secondary school as a result of effective public- private partnership and creates a SUSTAINABLE future of Technology – enhanced learning.